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Latest Company Case About Vertical Compound Crusher
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Vertical Compound Crusher

 Latest company case about Vertical Compound Crusher

A vertical compound crusher, also known as vertical composite crusher, is a type of crushing equipment used for crushing materials with high moisture content and large hardness. It is widely used in the mining, metallurgy, construction, highway, railway, and other industries.

The vertical compound crusher combines the advantages of hammer crusher and impact crusher. It has the characteristics of high reduction ratio, low energy consumption, stable operation, simple structure, and easy maintenance. The main feature of the vertical compound crusher is the integration of both crushing and grinding functions into one machine.

Here are some key features and components of a vertical compound crusher:

1. Rotor: The rotor is the main working part of the vertical compound crusher. It consists of a spindle, hammerheads, and other wearing parts. The rotor rotates at high speed to impact and crush the material.

2. Crushing Chamber: The crushing chamber is the space where the material is crushed by the rotor. It is lined with wear-resistant liners to protect the crusher's internal components and ensure efficient crushing.

3. Feed Hopper: The feed hopper is an opening at the top of the crusher where the material to be crushed is loaded. It allows the material to enter the crushing chamber and ensures a consistent and controlled feed rate.

4. Adjustable Discharge Opening: The vertical compound crusher usually has an adjustable discharge opening, which allows for the control of the final product size. The size can be adjusted by changing the position of the impact plate or adjusting the distance between the rotor and the impact plate.

5. Drive System: The drive system of the vertical compound crusher typically includes a motor, V-belt, and pulley. The motor drives the rotor to rotate, providing the necessary power for crushing.

6. Lubrication System: Proper lubrication is essential for the smooth operation and longevity of the vertical compound crusher. The lubrication system typically includes an oil pump, oil tank, filters, and piping to deliver lubricating oil to the crusher's moving parts.

The vertical compound crusher is suitable for crushing materials with medium hardness and high moisture content, such as coal, limestone, cement clinker, iron ore, shale, dolomite, gypsum, pyrites, and other mineral ores. It is often used as a secondary or tertiary crushing equipment in combination with other crushers or grinding mills.

The specific design and configuration of a vertical compound crusher may vary depending on the manufacturer and the application requirements. Different models and sizes are available to accommodate various production capacities and particle size requirements.